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Okabe & Yampolsky Translations is a New York City-based firm specializing in Japanese legal translation. We work in no other fields and handle no language pairs other than Japanese and English.


Our specialized approach—rare in the translation industry—has allowed us to develop a deep well of know-how, experience and field-specific knowledge, and these in turn enable us to produce better translations faster and more efficiently.


We are known for the quality and speed of our work and the reliability of our services.


Our clients are attorneys, investors, and other professionals in the US, Japan and Europe. Legal fields in which we have been particularly active include intellectual property, M&A, securities and finance, financial restructurings, real estate, litigation and general business and commercial law. We have an in-house professional staff of 15, and have been in operation since 1998.


In the fall of 2008, we opened our Tokyo office, to better serve our growing ranks of Japan-based clients.


We also opened an office in London in January 2012.