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In our view, speed is a component of quality. A translation that isn’t ready when needed is a worthless translation—no matter how polished it may be.


Our clients usually need work done quickly—there’s a filing deadline, a contract being negotiated, a priority right is about to expire—without sacrificing quality. That is where we come in.


All our processes are geared towards getting work done quickly. You send an email with the document to be translated, we’ll get started right away. Unlike almost all other translation companies, who rely on freelance translators, we don’t have to search for a freelancer to do the job, as our translators are right here in our office. If it needs to be done now, it gets done now. With offices in New York and Tokyo, we have 24-hour-a-day production capabilities, so a client in Tokyo can order a translation at night and find the translation ready and waiting in the morning. And it will be a very good translation.